• Shoes for Orphan Souls – New shoes, socks, shoelaces – for a child who has none. It’s that easy! Courtney, a martial arts teacher from Texas donated shoes to say, “You matter.” Carmen, an AM radio host from Florida collected shoes “to make a child smile and know they are not forgotten.” What’s YOUR story? Don’t miss the opportunity to help a child. Do Something . . .
  • Contact Information – Please keep the church office informed of any address or phone changes. This will keep our records up to date. Please either call the church office (332.2814) or use the Sunday bulletin tear off to contact us.
  • Branson 2014: September 22-26 – There will be a trip meeting on Sunday, September 7 following morning worship. We still have seats!
  • Annual Church Business Meeting, August 20 – 6 p.m. In the sanctuary

Wednesday Menu

  • No Fellowship Suppers During the Summer - Dinners will resume September 3rd.
  • If you are interested in being on the permanent list for our Wednesday night fellowship meal please sign up by calling the church office @ 332.2814. You must sign up to be added to our new permanent listing for 2014-2015.

Contact the church office if you wish to attend. You may also request to be placed on the permanent list.

  • 6th grade - Adult $4.00
  • 5 yrs - 5th grade $2.00
  • Children under 5 yrs FREE
  • Family Cap $14.00

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